10 Ways You Should be Using QuickBooks

10 Ways You Should be Using QuickBooks

QuickBooks can be an incredible tool for almost any small business. At least, that’s the case if you’re getting all you can from the QuickBooks software. There are tons of ways you should be using QuickBooks to help keep things in order and on a direct path to growth in your business. Here are ten you’ll definitely want to keep in mind.

1)   Help you recognize financial strengths and weaknesses within your own organization.

2)   Track earnings and expenses by classes or categories that you establish.

3)   Create budgets and benchmarks for your business, including temporary staffing budgets.

4)   Handle banking and bill paying online. This method of taking care of finances is not only instant but also paperless. In many businesses this is a powerful combination that saves time and money in the long run.

5)   Accept credit card payments and credits quickly and painlessly with QuickBooks Merchant Account Services.

6)   Fast. You can accept instant payments online with QuickBooks so you’re able to get your money much faster than waiting on checks to come in the mail and then clear the bank.

7)   Affordable. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to computer software designed to help businesses keep their financial houses in order. QuickBooks is one of the most affordable systems of its kind on the market today and the most widely accepted.

8)   Customizable. This is a big deal for small business owners that can’t really afford a customized accounting system created just for them. However, with the customization tools available with QuickBooks you will find customized packages designed for health care pros, retail organizations, and tradesmen or contractors.

9)   Instantly generate reports regarding the state of your business based on the current financial outlook and spending. The ability to find out, with the click of a mouse, how healthy and financially strong your business happens to be, is one of the most powerful ways you should be using QuickBooks for your business.

10)  Automates the bookkeeping process so that time is freed up within the organization to devote to other aspects of running the business.  The less time you spend keeping records and crunching numbers, the more time you have available to devote to the more profitable aspects of running your business.

QuickBooks isn’t the answer to all the problems businesses face today, but it can help free up precious time so that business owners can solve the specific problems their businesses face. Quickbooks can also benefit your bottom line by helping you track and manage payments for staffing services, using their online reports and payment system. You can also generate tax forms at the end of the year, which makes it easier to manage these end-of-year human resource tasks.

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