A Twenty-Minute Morning Routine for Successful Managers

A Twenty-Minute Morning Routine for Successful Managers

If you’re managing a team or running an organization of your own, then you already know that the way you spend an hour of your time impacts the efficiency of your entire staff. Your hour generates dividends by making their hours and their projects easier, better, and more successful. So make the most of the time you spend at work, and start at the beginning. Mornings set the mood and the tone for the day ahead, so make the most of yours by taking these simple steps when you get out of bed.

1. Eat. Then exercise.

These are the two best things you can do for yourself—and your team—every day. And they’re easy! Down a breakfast of whole grains, lean proteins, fruit, or all three. Most of us don’t like to pile on the calories first thing in the morning, and that’s fine. But put at least a few bites in your mouth and your brain and body will know that it’s time to get up.

Then put yourself motion for ten to fifteen minutes. You don’t have to complete a full workout or exhaust yourself, but move your arms and legs and drive your heart rate up to about 112 beats per minute. This may be just about enough to break a sweat. This kind of energy expenditure will activate circulation to your brain and muscles, and it will help you create new neural pathways and protect your existing ones. Quick exercise can stabilize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, boost mood, organize thoughts, and calm anxieties.

2. Talk.

When you get into work, engage with people. A quick hello and a moment of conversation with your partner or assistant can help you turn your focus outward, which can get set your perspective and get your day off to an appropriate start. You don’t need a long gab fest—just clear out your pipes, think about someone else, and start a workplace-wide chain reaction of positive energy. Then you can buckle down at your desk.

3. Plan.

No matter what your plans look like, you’ll inevitably end up going wherever the day takes you. Interruptions, crises, surprise meetings, and serendipity will shape the day no matter what you do, but review the hours ahead and prepare anyway. This will make it harder for tasks and side issues to slip through the cracks and off your radar.

Touch base with your employees, receive your morning reports, skim through your inbox, and do whatever you need to do to organize the tasks that lie ahead. But start with these four steps and you’ll be ready for just about anything. For more simple management tips with big impact, reach out to the staffing experts at Accent Hiring Group. If you are a manager in the Scottsdale area looking for recruiters in Arizona, contact our team today.

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