How Can You Activate Talent to Help Your Company?

How Can You Activate Talent to Help Your Company?

If you’re like many business owners, you see your company as a kind of engine that enriches your shareholders and serves your customers. When all is going well, you’re doing both…and as you do so, you fulfill the traditional definition of a “successful” company.

But as it happens, that traditional definition is beginning to evolve. Those two requirements are no longer considered the only requirements for “success”. If they modern companies plan to stay competitive, they must also serve their stakeholders, including employees. If you think your employees are only here to feed the engine, and you believe that you owe them nothing more than the minimum salary that will lure them into returning each day, then it’s time to update your beliefs. Start viewing your employees in a new light, or prepare to fall behind while your competitors race ahead. Activate your talent base and you’ll take your company and its growth to the next level. Here’s how.

Great talent can be hard to find.

When excellent candidates choose one employer over the rest, they typically do so because the chosen employer offers a strong salary, competitive benefits, room for advancement, opportunities for education, exposure to new ideas and information, and a daily environment that’s pleasant and stimulating. If that seems like a tall order, it is…But you’ll need to provide it in order to bring the best and brightest on board.

What are you providing?

Chances are, you can easily offer at least one or two of two of the items above, but not all of them. You can provide a culture that feels like family, but you can’t pay much. Or you can pay your teams well, but your culture is rigid and suffocating. Or you can provide both salary and culture, but you can’t afford benefits or long-term security. Before you expand your offerings, take a look at what you already have. Then examine your areas in need of improvement.


You may have a very small team, and if so, you may not be able to offer any room for advancement and promotions. But if you’re willing to provide educational opportunities and glowing recommendations to your employees when they’re ready to spread their wings, your reputation will benefit. If you can’t offer something, present something else in its place.

View your employees as your projects.

Don’t just use the people who work for you; coach them, encourage them, and foster their personal growth. Every day, give something back. When they go the extra mile for you, don’t assume that a paycheck covers the bill. While they invest in you, invest in them by providing them with attention, mentoring, feedback, and educational opportunities. Make sure they leave your company better equipped for success than they were when they arrived.

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