Avoid Creating a Bad Candidate Experience

Avoid Creating a Bad Candidate Experience

Protect your business by protecting your relationships with every one of your stakeholders: your customers and clients, your shareholders, your employees, and members of an often-overlooked category: the candidates you ultimately decide not to hire.

If an applicant engages with your company and walks away from the interaction feeling misused or misled, this is not the applicant’s fault. It’s your own fault, and the consequences are yours to deal with. Damaged relationships with job seekers can hurt your company’s reputation, and in the age of social media, one negative interaction can have a wide and lasting impact. Make sure your applicants leave with a sense of respect, not resentment. Here’s how.

Feelings matter.

Far too often, companies fumble the hiring process because they miss one simple rule: Feelings are important. If you disagree, insult your candidates and see what happens to your sales numbers as well as your workplace reputation. You’ll find it harder and harder to attract top applicants and harder to do business with the broader population, all because you believed your candidate should have responded differently to your poor treatment. Next time, raise the bar and remember to treat your applicants the way you’d like to be treated if you were in their shoes.

Express interest, but don’t mislead.

As you solicit resumes, extend interview invitations, and conduct your interviews with candidates, never imply a false level of interest. Don’t suggest that your candidate is a leading contender if this is not true, and never suggest that the job is in the bag if it isn’t.

Show respect for the candidate’s own goals and plans.

The job and the candidate may not be a match, but this by no means represents a qualifying statement about the candidate. The candidate is not “good” or “bad,” or “strong” or weak” based on their alignment with the role. If they want something the company can’t provide or vice versa, they’ll find their match elsewhere. Frame your remarks in terms of fitness, not quality.

Thank all your applicants repeatedly.

Your applicants honor you by showing enough interest in your company to want to work here. Respect that gesture and respond in kind. They are doing you a favor by submitting their resumes and attending your interviews. Thank them continually for doing so.

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