Your Slow Hiring Process Is Costing You the Talent You Need

Your Slow Hiring Process Is Costing You the Talent You Need

There’s not greater threat to your hiring process than foot-dragging, bureaucratic hold-ups, and a general lack of speed. With every passing hour, your candidates are receiving and reviewing offers from competing employers. And unfortunately, your most talented candidates are being drawn away from your pool at a faster rate than the rest. So every day and hour that you can shave from the process can increase your access to highly skilled applicants. Here are a few ways to streamline your efforts and make this happen.

Tighten your job titles.

You may not recognize the distinct connection between your position titles and your hiring success. You may think titles don’t matter, or that “associate editor” and “account manager” can mean whatever you want them to mean. This isn’t the case. Your job title should perfectly reflect both the level and responsibilities of the role, and titles should be common, sober, and searchable. Remove words like “guru”, “wizard” and “artist” from roles that don’t technically involve these actions.

Reduce your interviews.

Keep your entire interview process limited to three rounds at the most, including initial phone screenings. Candidates don’t appreciate being made to jump through hoops, and a long process can seem both disrespectful and wasteful. Interviews are expensive in terms of time and travel, both for the candidate and for you.

Ask your team for input.

Find out where your bottlenecks and hold-ups are occurring and get them sorted out. In the meantime, ask your teams what you can do to make the hiring process faster and leaner. Do they need more data? Better interview questions? More freedom from other responsibilities? Find out how you can remove some of the investment, time and risk from their shoulders.

Keep in mind that the interview moves both ways.

In our current competitive job market, candidates are actually interviewing you, not the other way around. Candidates want to learn as much as they can about the responsibilities, compensation, and opportunities that come with a given position. And they also want to learn something about the company’s culture and its mission. Don’t just grill your candidates and subject them to the third degree; use every interaction as an opportunity to pitch your organization and showcase what you have to offer.

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