Employees First, Customers Second – Why You Need to Do This

Employees First, Customers Second – Why You Need to Do This

In a perfect world, CEOs and managers could wave a magic wand and easily keep both employees and customers happy. Give the members of both categories exactly what they need to feel appreciated, and voila! Turnover stays low, sales stay high, and the company thrives. As far as possible, this is the goal that most managers strive to achieve; in fact, if you occupy a leadership role, you may notice that most of your late nights and early mornings are absorbed in the process of pleasing, educating, training, satisfying or motivating one group or the other.

But what happens when the needs of these groups conflict? What should you do when taking care of one group means taking something away from the other? If you need to put a customer on ice to support an employee, should you do it? Yes, you should. Here’s why.

Your employees interact with your customers more than you do.

Employees are your brand ambassadors and hands-on agents, and though you may hold more power and make higher-level decisions, your employees speak and interact with your customers directly and daily. If you take care of your teams, your teams will absorb that positive energy and redirect it. If they feel appreciated and respected, they’ll give others the same consideration.

When a conflict arises, think a few moves ahead.

If a customer argues with an employee, your first instincts should involve protecting and educating your employee, not throwing them under the bus to salvage a single sale. You have two relationships at stake when such conflicts occur, and in almost every case, one is more important and offers more long-term value to the company than the other. Let the customer go. Listen to both side of the story, but stand up for your employee and you’ll receive a loyalty boost that can’t be bought. Use the encounter as a teaching moment.

The customer isn’t always right.

This is an outdated old saying, and if you apply it literally, you can put your employees in an impossible position. Sometimes the customer is wrong, and sometimes the employee must say no, walk away, hang up the phone, or abandon the sale in order to succeed. Train your employees properly, and then step back and give them the freedom to exercise their own judgment when they can’t meet a customer’s needs.

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Keep in mind that a loyal, experienced employee can be worth more than gold. Don’t tarnish or tax this valuable relationship for a fleeting customer interaction that may or may not yield long-term value. For more on how to keep your employees onboard, thriving and engaged, turn to the top recruiters in Scottsdale and contact the ACCENT Hiring Group today!


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