When Is the Right Time to Reach the Job Seeker You Want?

When Is the Right Time to Reach the Job Seeker You Want?

According to a recent analysis by the American Time Use Survey, about 1.2 percent of Americans spend some time every day searching for a job. On average, those who engage in this activity spend about 2.5 hours doing so. So if you’re a recruiter or hiring manager competing for the attention of top talent, you have something to gain by seeking answers to two questions: When do these 2.5 hours take place during the day? And if these hours are not evenly distributed throughout the week, which days show peaks of activity?

If you can target the moments when your best candidates are online and active, you can save time, money and energy by finding a shortcut to great resume submissions. Here are a few tools and data points that can help you streamline your search:

The Golden Hours: At Lunch and After Dinner

Job seekers tend to be most active during the early afternoon hours when Americans stop work and other activities for a midday meal. Employed workers who are looking for new opportunities tend to scroll job boards on their lunch breaks, and those who aren’t working full time tend to step away from volunteering, school, childcare and other demands to search for jobs during the same hour. The search trails off during the afternoon, drops during standard commuting hours, and picks up heavily after dinner.

A Slight Variance Between Employed and Unemployed

Employed job seekers lean more heavily toward the post-dinner peak, and unemployed seekers contribute more to the lunchtime peak. This may be because employed job seekers don’t want to engage in the search while they’re in the office.

Aim for the Early Days of the Workweek

Both working and non-working job seekers lean harder into the search during the earlier days of the week, between Monday and Wednesday. The busiest job search hour of the week takes place between 11:00 am and noon on Tuesday.

Weekend Search Trends

As the weekend approaches, the job search becomes a lower priority for both employed and unemployed job seekers. Most people take the weekend off, and their thoughts start straying from the search by roughly Thursday afternoon. They don’t tend to pick up the trail again until Monday morning, but a small exception exists: job search activity begins quietly rumbling to life again on Sunday evening, specifically among those who happen to hold a four-year degree.

Quiet Saturdays

By far the quietest job search period during the week takes place on Saturday. If you post an open position on a Saturday, don’t expect many job seekers to see or respond to it for at least another day or two.

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