In a Tight Candidate Market, Paint the Right Picture with Your Job Post

In a Tight Candidate Market, Paint the Right Picture with Your Job Post

The quality of your job post can make or break your ability to attract top candidates in any job market, but as the availability of qualified candidates starts to drop, the pressure begins to increase. Under any economic conditions, your post should be informative, organized, well-written and professional. But when the marketplace tightens, you’ll need to raise your game on every level—At this point, you aren’t just trying to attract candidates; you’re trying to stay one step ahead of competing employers. So keep these tips in mind as you polish every detail.

Cover the Basics First

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal candidate and read your job post from that person’s perspective. Does the post contain all the information you need in order to apply? Does it explain exactly what the job entails, where it’s located, how much it pays (as precisely as possible), what it requires, and what opportunities it offers in terms of advancement? Don’t worry about giving your post extra zest until these bases are covered.

Next, Bring the Heat

Once you’ve given your potential applicants all the information they need, go ahead and explain why this job shines a little brighter than other similar positions. Generate some excitement by showcasing the details that make you proud of the company. And focus on the future, not just the present. Sure, this is a great place to work, but it’s also growing every day. Explain how adding this job to a resume can help your candidate move forward and grab the next rung of the ladder, and then the next.

Respect Inspires Respect

Treat your candidate as the valuable (potential) asset they are. Don’t warn, scold, or make them jump through demeaning hoops. This might help you weed out disinterested candidates during down markets when most candidates are desperate for work, but in the current climate, you’ll only turn off the strongest applicants and deter those who have access to better options. Be positive and send a clear message: your workplace encourages a culture of respect.

Don’t Skip Incidental Details

Is this job located in the heart of a thriving city? Is it nestled in a peaceful suburb? Is this workplace surrounded by remote beauty and natural vistas? What kind of cultural opportunities exist close to you, and how can you leverage these positive features (which have nothing to do with your company) into a reason for great candidates to apply? Consider commuting benefits, culture, and access to the heart of your industry.

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