Two Simple Tactics to Keep Your All-Star Employees Longer

Two Simple Tactics to Keep Your All-Star Employees Longer

When you glance over your employees, you see bright, ambitious faces, highly qualified experts, and savvy team players. As a group, they’re great; they’re friendly, competent, and hard-working. But as valuable as they are, there are a few that simply stand out from the crowd. By virtue of their smart decisions or a depth of experience that exceeds that of their teammates, they’ve risen in your estimation. And at this point, it’s hard to imagine how the company will fare if and when they eventually leave.

But there’s no need to simply accept the inevitable and brace for the bad news. There are a few moves you can make that can keep your all-star employees onboard, even as other opportunities tempt them and average job tenures drop below the two-year mark. Keep these critical moves in mind and you’ll extend their stay as long as possible.

Flexible Role Experimentation

Often, star employees see the writing on the wall and head for the door when their current jobs start to feel stale. At a certain point, the company still benefits from the relationship, but the employee no longer does. Though she still contributes her time and effort, the job adds nothing to her personal growth, her skill sets, her resume, or her long-term career plans. The relationship becomes one sided and off she goes.

But you can prevent this day from coming by changing the nature of her job. If she needs a new title, that’s easy. With the stroke of a pen, her resume will show a promotion from “account manager” to “senior account manager”. But you can also look beyond that superficial change and genuinely modify her job description in order to match her evolving skills and interests. Sit and talk with your individual employees at least once every six months to assess how soon they’ll outgrow their current roles.

Lateral Internal Moves

If you don’t have the authority or wherewithal to change your employee’s current job, consider transferring the person to another role within the organization. Find out how to make an internal referral across departments and shift workers from one branch or division to another. If you can rotate employees through different parts of the company or different geographic locations, find out if such a move might perk your star employee’s interest, and then make it happen.

There’s no need to watch a vital member of the team walk out the door simply because the company can’t keep pace with the growth of the employee’s career. Get the most out of your teams by giving something back that’s equal to what they give you. Contact the recruiters at the ACCENT Hiring Group to find the all-star employees you want to retain.



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