Facebook Jobs: Can This New Platform Help You Recruit?

Facebook Jobs: Can This New Platform Help You Recruit?

The Facebook social network has introduced a new feature that allows employers to publish job posts directly to their pages. While Linkedin offers a similar tool that allows employers to connect with potential applicants directly through the site, the Facebook version draws attention away from existing models based on the fact that this new version is free, while other sites require a fee for the service.

In addition to sharing posted job information with those looking for work, and then allowing interested applicants to submit their info through the site, Facebook Jobs allows users to populate their application automatically with the information shared in their Facebook accounts.

While these options aren’t exactly a game changer in the world of employer-job seeker sourcing and networking, they do make it easier for both parties to find one another. If you decide to use this feature to expand your access to candidates, here are a few things to consider.

You’ll receive the information candidates post on Facebook.

This can be a positive or a negative, depending on your existing process and how well it’s working for you. Some employers would rather conduct their recruiting practices without the influence of social media since some of the information that appears on the site isn’t relevant to job skills and can introduce potential bias into the hiring process. On the other hand, if you make a regular practice of incorporating Facebook into your candidate searches, this will streamline a process you already rely on.

You’ll reach a wide audience.

Facebook is a benchmark social media site, used all over the world by candidates of every age, industry and demographic. If your goals include reaching more candidates (not necessarily higher quality candidates or tighter targeting) this option will certainly make that happen.

You can filter candidates using a variety of keywords and digital tools.

This can be a valuable utility, especially if the rollout proves to be a massive success and your applications increase dramatically. Facebook Jobs provides an opportunity to put paid promotion behind your post to reach a wider audience and directly target candidates with the skillsets they feature in their profiles.

The tool is not yet available worldwide.

The Facebook Jobs tool started in the United States and Canada but recently expanded to 40 countries. With the popularity of social media in other countries, it was natural for this popular feature to make its way to a worldwide audience.

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