Does Your Candidate Sourcing Strategy Need a Reboot?

Does Your Candidate Sourcing Strategy Need a Reboot?

Your sourcing strategy may feel cutting edge, and maybe when you put your current model in place, you worked to take advantage of the most advanced digital tools available. But when did that happen? Was it back in 2008? Because if you haven’t reviewed and revamped your sourcing process in several years, you may be several years behind the curve and behind your competition. Sourcing tools evolve rapidly, and so does the candidate marketplace. Take a look under the hood and see if your system could use some updates.

Going back into your ATS

If your company is large (more than 100 employees at any given time) you probably rely on some form of application tracking system. And you probably use your system to cross-reference certain candidate traits with job requirements or search a resume database using job-specific keywords. But if you haven’t done so in a while, reevaluate the capabilities of your system and recheck some of your settings. A weak ATS can let stronger candidates slip through the cracks. If you aren’t using the right filters, you may be overlooking the job skills and credentials that matter most for the roles you’re trying to staff.

Social media

You may have proudly added social media to your recruiting and sourcing toolkit back when Facebook profiles first made their way into the job search process…but that happened more than ten years ago, and social media resources aren’t exactly what they used to be. Some excellent candidates don’t use them at all, or they keep their personal and professional lives rigidly separated with strong privacy settings. To find these candidates, you’ll have to look elsewhere for public information—Check industry sites for blogs they’ve contributed, run their names through a journal search, or check their testimonials on Linkedin.

Really reach out to referrals

The right referral can help you spot a truly talented and well-matched candidate in a sea of attach-and-send generic resumes. Through no fault of their own, candidates are compelled to keep up with the accelerating pace and breadth of the job market, and it’s no longer reasonable to expect a perfectly customized and lovingly tailored application from each hopeful candidate. 2018 candidates are more likely to submit 20 or 30 resumes at once to any job that meets certain search term criteria, regardless of how well they meet each of the requirements. Pursue referrals; it may be a more valuable use of your time than you think.

Use different parts of your network

Don’t spend all of your time in just one corner of your professional network. Go back to the same people over and over if doing so proves fruitful, but don’t get locked in a rut. Branch out and take a fresh approach to the search for new talent.

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