Should You Use Video to Recruit Job Candidates?

Should You Use Video to Recruit Job Candidates?

Videos can send a powerful message that written posts can’t necessarily convey, no matter how impressive the wording or how well-positioned the published post may be.  You can write a job description that hits all the marks, and then post it where your ideal candidates can’t possibly miss it, and still not quite gain the attention you’d grab with a short two-minute video.

Videos can be expensive of course — Especially if they come with scripts and scenes and high production values. But pictures send a message that words can’t. And if your video involves just one or two winning elements — like humor or spectacle — there’s a strong chance your audience might share it with others or post/comment on it using various social media platforms. Here are few reasons to consider taking the time and trouble to create a video instead of just a standard post.

Videos are easy to consume.

If you keep your video post shorter than 60 seconds, you can vastly increase the chances that your candidates will hear and absorb your entire message. Sitting through a short, amusing video costs nothing and represents a pleasant diversion, even if your message just involves one person sitting behind a desk and reciting the same words that might appear in a written post. If you post your message on Facebook or Linkedin, active candidates will listen carefully for signs of a well-aligned position. Passive candidates may find the video interesting enough to share.

Videos allow positive aspects of your culture to shine through.

A professional video sends a silent message: you’re a well-established, well-funded organization and you aren’t going anywhere.  A funny video also sends a message: Your company has a sense of humor and may be a great match for innovators, creative types, and fearless free spirits. A concise video sends a message as well: You respect your candidate’s time. An information-packed video can send a clear message about the nature of the position and the mission of the company. A video that checks all of these boxes can reach a wide audience and make a powerful impression.

Videos are easier to produce than you might think.

Of course, if you have access to professional scriptwriters, actors, and high-end lighting and recording equipment, your video can be a convincing work of art. But even with a cellphone camera and some inexpensive editing tools, you can assemble a functional video in just a few minutes that can give your other job post platforms and recruiting efforts a boost—at very little cost. Consider adding this element to your recruiting arsenal and measuring your returns. You may discover that a small investment goes a long way.

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