Elevating Digital Capabilities Can Improve Company Retention

Elevating Digital Capabilities Can Improve Company Retention

Here’s a study we found interesting, but not at all surprising: https://www.randstadusa.com/about/news/a-companys-reputation-as-a-digital-leader-greatly-impacts-their-ability-to-attract-and-retain-talent-randstad-us-study-finds/. According to the results of this Workplace 2025 survey conducted by Randstad, only 10 percent of enterprises are considered “digitally superior” by employees, potential employees, and C-suite executives. This means that only one company in 10 can truly impress these study subjects with fully implemented modern technological platforms, including appropriate forms of automation, AI, and workplace collaboration tools. This 10 percent figure also includes companies that invest in strategies that train workers to be digitally savvy.

Why does this matter? Because the companies in this narrow category reap significant benefits in terms of reputation, and employees feel greater confidence in their present and future success. Survey respondents perceived these companies as far more likely to achieve business goals, build revenue, save cost and see returns on their investments.

And if current workers and future applicants express confidence in a company’s digital infrastructure, they’re more likely to respond with the following behaviors:

They compete for jobs with the company.

If your company falls into this exclusive ten percent, candidates will want to choose you simply because…you’re you. Just having the name of your company on a resume will feel like an accomplishment, and most candidates will expect their tenure with you to be a positive experience. This means you’ll attract more candidates and sift through more and better resumes for each open position. It also means candidates will see your name as an employment perk, which can provide leverage during salary negotiations.

When they come on board, they stay.

Digital frustrations often push employees toward the door. Especially when these frustrations prevent them from being able to achieve success with their tasks and may potentially stall the growth of their careers. Good carpenters don’t blame their tools, but if their tools are truly faulty and limiting, good carpenters leave the company in search of work elsewhere. Give your teams the platforms they need to excel at their work.

They engage more fluidly with each other.

Excellent digital platforms ease and enhance communication, which in turn can ease and enhance teamwork and relationships. Employees work harder and stay longer if their teams and coworkers feel like family, and technology helps to make this happen.

They can focus more on innovation and less on day-to-day survival.

When the company provides weak scheduling technology, employees spend too much time troubleshooting the system and finding workarounds as they struggle to plan meetings. With seamless, effortless scheduling technology, they can focus on the content of those meetings. Upgrade your systems before they desperately need it, and your teams won’t waste a moment of mental energy on the wrong kinds of problems.

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