Arizona’s Economy is Growing: How Big Is the Growth Since 2007?

Arizona’s Economy is Growing: How Big Is the Growth Since 2007?

While Arizona’s economy lags behind the rest of the nation in some respects, including a higher unemployment rate, and wage growth still stagnates at about $48,621 statewide per year, many economic indicators suggest that Arizona lies in a very healthy position for future growth.

According to Arizona’s Joint Legislative Budget Committee, government revenue reached 10.1 billion this year, just over the prior record of 9.6 billion in 2007, immediately before the recession. This indicates that over the past 11 years, Arizona has officially climbed back from the global economic downturn.

So, what does this mean for job opportunities in the state? Plenty! Hiring is on the rise across the state in both the public and private sectors, and signs indicate that healthy wage growth may soon follow. Hiring managers are taking on new staff in almost all industry sectors, from agriculture to infrastructure development, and job opportunities are available and growing.

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