28 Nov 2018

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Nov 28, 2018

Four Tactics to Improve the Quality of Employee Referrals

Referrals are strong medicine for your staffing program. Even if your company has a great workplace reputation and applicants line up for every open position, referrals can still take your staffing to the next level. There are plenty of reasons why this happens, but at the core, referrals simply mean that your talented, trained, seasoned employees are working to bring family members and trusted friends onto the team. When you receive and use referrals, you bring on employees who are already known and connected to your existing workforce. These newbies also come with the strongest form of recommendation available, and they enter the workplace with open eyes since they’ve typically been given a briefing by the person referring them.

But even if you receive plenty of referrals, there are a few moves you can use to raise the quality of hires who are already likely to become assets to the workplace. Take these steps and referral quality will increase.

Leverage social media

Not everyone on your team wants to use their social media pages to help your company hire candidates. But if you provide incentives — like a bonus for every hire or every post — your employees will be more likely to use their personal pages to urge their friends and family to apply. In the end, it’s a win for you and for them, but it might require some encouragement at the start. You can also post an open position on the company page and ask your employees to like or share it, so the viewing audience will widen.

Put money into a real employee referral program

If you passively ask your employees to say nice things about your company to friends and family, that’s great, and it’s a start. But a real employee referral program requires real money. Invest in your program by offering irresistible incentives to workers who bring in friend and family resumes. Offer a modest sum for each application, a larger amount for each new hire, and an additional bonus for each hire that stays for one calendar year.

Hire top talent and innovators by showing off your referral program

Even as you interview highly talented candidates, explain your referral program to them. Let them know that if they accept your offer and step onto the team, they’ll be able to make more money by bringing friends on board as well. This will encourage to accept the offer in the first place, and it will also help you tap into a great staffing resource. Talented people tend to mingle with other talented people.

Don’t rely on bought lists; Create your own list

Some companies buy lists of potential candidates or contacts, but you don’t need to do this. You already have access to these contacts — you just need to encourage your employees to provide them and leverage the names you already know.

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