Chatbots: Why Do Candidates Want to Communicate with Them?

Chatbots: Why Do Candidates Want to Communicate with Them?

A surprising number of companies in 2018 are finding recruiting success with chatbots, the little AI-based answer-providers that pop up on the company’s website when curious job seekers pay a visit. The job seeker reviews the site, checks out the company business model, brand, and culture, and poses questions to the chatbot if they choose, questions like “Where are you located?” or “Are you looking for a senior account manager?”

Chatbots use sophisticated AI language features to seem friendly and informative, but job seekers generally know they aren’t communicating with a real person. The results appear to benefit both the company and the prospective applicant, and both parties typically leave the interaction with gains. Here are some of the reasons why.

Chatbots are only the beginning

Most users know that the chatbot can only handle the opening lines of a dialogue and that further questions will be directed toward humans who can provide more in-depth answers. But this initial conversation can clear some big obstacles out of the way and let the user know if a deeper investment is worth pursuing. Human interactions aren’t required for these opening salvos, and often they aren’t desired.

Chatbots require no social effort

There’s no need for special niceties when dealing with a chatbot, which can save time for users and help them reach their goals faster. If the company can’t offer what you need, you move on. No necessity for thanks or goodbyes. Just as important: no need to disentangle yourself from a hard sell. That’s a win for busy modern job seekers with no time or social bandwidth to spare on a machine.

Chatbots gather data

Chatbots can support company goals as well by efficiently gathering data on, for example: what questions users ask the most, where these users come from, how they go after the information they need, what they look for in a job, how they use technology, and what they care about. And that’s just scratching the surface. There are countless additional data points that an AI system can gather and a human can’t.

Chatbots don’t cost much

Human call centers and HR pros require far steeper financial investments than a simple chatbot that can answer FAQs. AI bots may not be able to handle complex tasks or conversations, but they’re on duty 24/7, they’re always pleasant and patient, and they don’t accidentally provide misinformation, and they don’t require paychecks. They can be deployed in nearly infinite numbers, and they don’t need performance reviews or coffee in the breakroom.

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