Searching for the Next Superstar Leader for Your Company? Here’s What to Look For

Searching for the Next Superstar Leader for Your Company? Here’s What to Look For

You’re about to begin the hiring process for an open position on your team, and you’ll soon be sending out recruiters and collecting resumes. And these won’t be candidates for an entry-level role; for this job, you’ll need a dedicated leader. This person will step into a higher level of responsibility and they’ll need to make important decisions. When those applications begin to roll in, what should you look for?

Here are a few qualities that should grab your attention and bring potential candidates into the winner’s circle.

They solve problems.

If your candidate can listen as you present a complicated scenario, then quietly think over your words without blurting an immediate nervous answer, that’s a good sign. And if that answer seems influenced by a balanced combination of training and experience, that’s even better. If the answer seems insightful, logical, creative, original, and presents a solution that takes all factors into account, then you’re wise to put a gold star next to this candidate’s name.

Keep in mind that there are many ways to approach the task of problem solving. You should also make a positive note next to their name if the candidate 1) asks insightful questions before answering, 2) explains the thought process that went into the answer, 3) points out factors contributing to both the problem and the solution that you wouldn’t have seen on your own.

They are effective communicators/listeners.

Strong listeners make effective leaders, and listening isn’t just about nodding quietly while the other person speaks. Great listening means remembering both large and small details, and it means processing these details and making sense of them without rushing to judgment or forming an opinion before the person finishes the statement.

Keep in mind that there’s more to communication than just listening. When it’s time to form a response, can your candidate place their response in terms that are easy to remember and understand? Do they use their empathy and shape their response to fit the perspective, mood, and goals of his listener (you)? Do they monitor your expression and body language to make sure you’re following and understanding their words? Do they stop, reflect, and change course if they appear to be losing you?

They motivate others – through their own style.

Ask yourself: Could this candidate change my opinion on a subject I value? If they told me something, would I believe it? If they sold me something, would I buy it? If they tried to cheer me out of a bad mood, would I shift gears? Imagine your candidate trying to motivate a group facing panic, confusion or discouragement. Do you think they would listen and follow them out of the woods? Can they lead the group without resorting to clichés or pretending to be someone they’re not?

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