How Can You Convince Your Recruiters to Use New Technology?

How Can You Convince Your Recruiters to Use New Technology?

You have a problem. So far, it’s a small problem, but if you don’t act now, it’s likely to become a bigger issue as time goes by. Your situation looks something like this: new graduates are pouring into the workforce with high ambition, energy, and creativity, and these high-value workers are passing your recruiters like ships in the night. They want jobs, and your recruiters want to engage with them, but the two parties are operating on different technology wavelengths. Your recruiters are using networks and tools that arrived on the scene a few years ago, and your candidates are using apps, sites, and features that are so new, they haven’t yet appeared in the mainstream.

So, what can you do? How can you convince your recruiters to let go of the old and reach for the new? Here are a few arguments you can make.

It makes the job easier.

Explain that the task of recruiting becomes easier, not harder when recruiters use new options. Even if the options are glitchy or unreliable at this point, candidates are willing to test them out—so recruiters should be too. After all, the goal isn’t to land on a perfect app; it’s to contact appropriate job seekers. Once contact is made, the toughest part is over.

Internal testing can smooth the path.

If your recruiters are reluctant to trust a new tool, test it out in-house. Relax quotas and success metrics in exchange for allowing your teams to try new things (things that may or may not work perfectly). If their jobs are on the line, it makes sense for your recruiters to put faith in what they already use—but if not, they’ll feel the freedom to test and explore new routes to success.

Risk brings better results.

Picture an imaginary brand-new app called JobGO, a tool that works like a dating app and allows candidates to identify and speak to recruiters who happen to be standing in an elevator or coffee line right near them. Risky, right? Who knows if that app has a million-dollar future…or a future filled with million-dollar lawsuits. But if tech-savvy candidates are trying it out, your recruiting teams may as well try it out too. Otherwise, they may be standing in a coffee line beside a tech-savvy, job-hungry go-getter with perfect qualifications and they may not even know it. In other words: Use the app. Break the ice. Start the dialogue. If the tool ceases to exist in a few months, that’s okay! Results don’t lie.

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