Direct Recruiting in LinkedIn Groups: Why Your Next Hire is Right There

Direct Recruiting in LinkedIn Groups: Why Your Next Hire is Right There

Is your next right in front of you? Is the superstar you’ve been searching for right there on LinkedIn, just a click away? Possibly. In fact, there’s a good chance you may have seen this person’s name, or even interacted with them online in some way.

LinkedIn groups offer a great way to engage with industry professionals in your specific, targeted area of the marketplace. But even better, they offer you a chance to connect with job seekers who the exact qualifications you need. If you haven’t started direct recruiting through LinkedIn groups just yet, now is a great time to start. Here’s why and how.

Group members are already interested in your topic

Whatever your keywords might be (job titles, industry, local area, etc.), you can find exactly the people you want to engage with by entering the right groups. Everyone in the group already fits the bill in multiple ways; all you must do is find them, make contact, and encourage them to apply. Need marketing account managers in Seattle? Auto manufacturing workers in Indiana? Check the most appropriate LinkedIn groups you can find, and you’ll get quick results.

Connect with them

Send a short message to anyone you encounter in a LinkedIn group that might be interested in your position. In the message, let them know that they go your attention, and let them know the basic details of the position and the company. Just a few quick words about your company culture should help them decide on next steps (innovative, fun, traditional, etc.) Just make sure to keep your instructions clear regarding follow through — For example, should they apply through you or through the company’s website? If so, supply a link.

Engage with their content.

On LinkedIn, most of the content posted by users is professional, rather than personal. People post blogs they’ve written, articles they’d like to share, and professional updates regarding their promotions, moves, etc. It’s perfectly okay, and even welcome, to like or comment on someone’s positive announcement or informative article-share. Use that as a launch point for your recruiting conversation. You can also use their content to learn a little bit more about them (before you decide to engage or after).

Recruit for your open position.

Sell your position and put a bit of effort into selling your company. Great candidates who are interested in new opportunities will tune in and listen to what you have to say.

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