Success. It’s the very thing that inspires us. Bottom line.

The best-suited candidates. The happiest clients. And for hundreds of clients and thousands of candidates, it’s over 25 years of simply doing it right in Arizona’s dynamic business climate.

It’s the clients who keep calling us, year after year. In fact, ACCENT’ gets more calls for placements from current clients than it does from new clients.And the fee? Significantly lower at 10% to 15% on most searches. Executive searches significantly¬†lower at 20% on most searches. That’s ACCENT’ success in motion.

And this brand of success keeps inspiring us. It’s a brand of success that a different, thoughtful process built…one that works significantly better. It’s the ACCENT’ Benefit.

What’s the benefit? It’s our seamless candidate readiness process. It’s our careful study of our client’s always unique and changing business. It’s our branded enhanced data resume. And it’s marrying the right candidate to any position, using all of our tools. ACCENT’ makes hiring remarkably hassle-free.

So after 25 years, our success is simple…it’s knowing our candidates. It’s knowing each of our clients well. It’s knowing what our clients need. And it’s knowing that we won’t deliver the ACCENT’ Benefit until we cover all the bases. That’s our bottom line.

ACCENT’ Hiring Group…Smart. Innovative. Different. An Arizona Success.