You know what you’re worth. So do we.

As an ACCENT’ Candidate, you’ve met ACCENT’s excellence criteria. And for that, you’ll benefit from a very different and personalized hiring method…one that cuts to the chase and finds you that perfect position.

Our method? We don’t send our candidates out to see if a fit just happens. That’s a complete waste of your time. We find out what makes you tick first…what motivates you. We listen.

It’s the only way we’ll even consider sending you to an interview. We want this to be your last job search…and the beginning of a career. And for that to happen, we need to know you.

We get it. We know you’re not just a piece of paper. Obviously, a resume is crucial as it provides us with all vital facts about skills, experience and education…but your specific career goals and personality really matter to us too. In fact, you may just find a new, better-fitting career. We don’t put limits on your talents and skills…we use them to find you the best-fitting career, no matter the business type. So go ahead. Think outside of the box. We do.

That’s how ACCENT’ has been making great matches for 25 years. All the data we learn about you goes into a personalized profile. We use this data to create an enhanced resume that shows an interviewer who you are, as a whole person.

What does this mean for you? It takes the pressure off. It makes the interview much more enjoyable. It’s much more conversational. The interviewer can use his/her time more productively to get to know you. It gives you time to ask questions. That means results. The right results.

And, we want you to think of ACCENT’ as a resource. We’ll help from interviewing skills to selling yourself. We’re here to help you succeed, in so many ways. So submit your resume to ACCENT’. It’s where many new and rewarding careers have started. Let’s start yours.

That’s the ACCENT’ Benefit. You can love Mondays again.