Resume Writing Tips

Get your resume right the first time.

A resume is meant to give potential employers a current and concise glimpse of your work experience and education. The following are a few tips to help you draft a resume that helps you stand out from the other applicants.

Maintain a current resume at all times. Even if you are currently employed, make sure to update your resume quarterly. You never know when a great opportunity is on the horizon and it is best to be prepared.

Use concise wording. Keep your resume to one page.

Design in a crisp and professional manner. Make sure the resume is easy for the eye to review. Outline start and end dates of each position. For instance, if you worked for a company for 2 years, make sure your entry for that job experience includes dates such as Sept. 2004 РDec. 2006.

Factually state job duties.

Outline specific skills, education, and special unique qualities.

Create a computer-friendly copy. A Rich Text (.rtf) or Text (.txt) formatted resume can be easily e-mailed or uploaded to a resume database. Avoid graphics and templates as they often interfere with search capacities within electronic data bases.