Our business is making your business easier.

The right candidate. Right now. It’s simple. It’s knowing everything about your open position and knowing everything about our candidate.

ACCENT’ has been getting it right for 25 years. We don’t want to waste your time so we’re focused on what you want. And the way we accomplish that is by knowing your company. What is your culture. Your customers. Your competitors. We want to know what your company’s objectives are. Your mission. Your goals.

At the same time, we’re also getting to know our candidates. In fact, we don’t just send them to you just because we think they’re qualified. We send them to you after getting to know them as a whole. Naturally, their resumes are painstakingly studied and verified…but we also take the time to learn about their personalities and career goals. In fact, we’ve created a branded, data-enhanced resume that gives you much more insight into the person you’re about to interview.

And this is information that makes your interviewing process much more focused and successful. Simply put, we provide you with information that you don’t have to dig for. And that makes your job significantly easier.

In fact, the staffing services we offer include full background checks, credit checks, drug/substance screening and handwriting analysis. We focus heavily on evaluations that help to identify the skills and personality traits you want for each position. You get the right candidate, right now.

That’s the ACCENT’ Benefit. We work hard so you don’t have to.