Flexible Staffing

Staffing that works.

It’s ACCENT’s brand of Flexible Staffing that helps your company grow without a hitch. Our cost-effective temporary and contract staffing services can provide you with a cohesive team of people…or just one talented person for one critical role. We deliver super-qualified candidates and we deliver them quickly.

And as your company continues to grow, we’ll use our branded screening methods once again to get you the right people. ACCENT’s direct-hire placement services are designed strategically to make it much easier to hire the perfect candidate. And the fee? Significantly lower at 10% to 15% on most searches. Executive searches significantly¬†lower at 20% on most searches. That includes ACCENT’s 100-day satisfaction guarantee. That’s how confident we are.

Because we’ve been committed to growing Arizona businesses for 25 years, we’ve partnered with other resources to make sure you always get the ACCENT’ brand of staffing from us. Need technology or accounting advice? We can get you that. ACCENT’ has always identified the right partners our clients need to keep them moving forward. We’ll do the same for you.

The ACCENT’ Benefit. Grow with the right candidates, right now. And, rely on ACCENT’s one-stop resource advantage which will keep your momentum moving forward, without a hitch.