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Dec 27, 2018

Direct Recruiting in LinkedIn Groups: Why Your Next Hire is Right There

Is your next right in front of you? Is the superstar you’ve been searching for right there on LinkedIn, just a click away? Possibly. In fact, there’s a good chance you may have seen this person’s name, or even interacted with them online in some way.

LinkedIn groups offer a great way to engage with industry professionals in your specific, targeted area of the marketplace. But even better, they offer you a chance to connect with job seekers who the exact qualifications you need. If you haven’t started direct recruiting through LinkedIn groups just yet, now is a great time to start. Here’s why and how.

Group members are already interested in your topic

Whatever your keywords might be (job titles, industry, local area, etc.), you can find exactly the people you want to engage with by entering the right groups. Everyone in the group already fits the bill in multiple ways; all you must do is find them, make contact, and encourage them to apply. Need marketing account managers in Seattle? Auto manufacturing workers in Indiana? Check the most appropriate LinkedIn groups you can find, and you’ll get quick results.

Connect with them

Send a short message to anyone you encounter in a LinkedIn group that might be interested in your position. In the message, let them know that they go your attention, and let them know the basic details of the position and the company. Just a few quick words about your company culture should help them decide on next steps (innovative, fun, traditional, etc.) Just make sure to keep your instructions clear regarding follow through — For example, should they apply through you or through the company’s website? If so, supply a link.

Engage with their content.

On LinkedIn, most of the content posted by users is professional, rather than personal. People post blogs they’ve written, articles they’d like to share, and professional updates regarding their promotions, moves, etc. It’s perfectly okay, and even welcome, to like or comment on someone’s positive announcement or informative article-share. Use that as a launch point for your recruiting conversation. You can also use their content to learn a little bit more about them (before you decide to engage or after).

Recruit for your open position.

Sell your position and put a bit of effort into selling your company. Great candidates who are interested in new opportunities will tune in and listen to what you have to say.

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Dec 19, 2018

How Can You Convince Your Recruiters to Use New Technology?

You have a problem. So far, it’s a small problem, but if you don’t act now, it’s likely to become a bigger issue as time goes by. Your situation looks something like this: new graduates are pouring into the workforce with high ambition, energy, and creativity, and these high-value workers are passing your recruiters like ships in the night. They want jobs, and your recruiters want to engage with them, but the two parties are operating on different technology wavelengths. Your recruiters are using networks and tools that arrived on the scene a few years ago, and your candidates are using apps, sites, and features that are so new, they haven’t yet appeared in the mainstream.

So, what can you do? How can you convince your recruiters to let go of the old and reach for the new? Here are a few arguments you can make.

It makes the job easier.

Explain that the task of recruiting becomes easier, not harder when recruiters use new options. Even if the options are glitchy or unreliable at this point, candidates are willing to test them out—so recruiters should be too. After all, the goal isn’t to land on a perfect app; it’s to contact appropriate job seekers. Once contact is made, the toughest part is over.

Internal testing can smooth the path.

If your recruiters are reluctant to trust a new tool, test it out in-house. Relax quotas and success metrics in exchange for allowing your teams to try new things (things that may or may not work perfectly). If their jobs are on the line, it makes sense for your recruiters to put faith in what they already use—but if not, they’ll feel the freedom to test and explore new routes to success.

Risk brings better results.

Picture an imaginary brand-new app called JobGO, a tool that works like a dating app and allows candidates to identify and speak to recruiters who happen to be standing in an elevator or coffee line right near them. Risky, right? Who knows if that app has a million-dollar future…or a future filled with million-dollar lawsuits. But if tech-savvy candidates are trying it out, your recruiting teams may as well try it out too. Otherwise, they may be standing in a coffee line beside a tech-savvy, job-hungry go-getter with perfect qualifications and they may not even know it. In other words: Use the app. Break the ice. Start the dialogue. If the tool ceases to exist in a few months, that’s okay! Results don’t lie.

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Dec 12, 2018

Searching for the Next Superstar Leader for Your Company? Here’s What to Look For

You’re about to begin the hiring process for an open position on your team, and you’ll soon be sending out recruiters and collecting resumes. And these won’t be candidates for an entry-level role; for this job, you’ll need a dedicated leader. This person will step into a higher level of responsibility and they’ll need to make important decisions. When those applications begin to roll in, what should you look for?

Here are a few qualities that should grab your attention and bring potential candidates into the winner’s circle.

They solve problems.

If your candidate can listen as you present a complicated scenario, then quietly think over your words without blurting an immediate nervous answer, that’s a good sign. And if that answer seems influenced by a balanced combination of training and experience, that’s even better. If the answer seems insightful, logical, creative, original, and presents a solution that takes all factors into account, then you’re wise to put a gold star next to this candidate’s name.

Keep in mind that there are many ways to approach the task of problem solving. You should also make a positive note next to their name if the candidate 1) asks insightful questions before answering, 2) explains the thought process that went into the answer, 3) points out factors contributing to both the problem and the solution that you wouldn’t have seen on your own.

They are effective communicators/listeners.

Strong listeners make effective leaders, and listening isn’t just about nodding quietly while the other person speaks. Great listening means remembering both large and small details, and it means processing these details and making sense of them without rushing to judgment or forming an opinion before the person finishes the statement.

Keep in mind that there’s more to communication than just listening. When it’s time to form a response, can your candidate place their response in terms that are easy to remember and understand? Do they use their empathy and shape their response to fit the perspective, mood, and goals of his listener (you)? Do they monitor your expression and body language to make sure you’re following and understanding their words? Do they stop, reflect, and change course if they appear to be losing you?

They motivate others – through their own style.

Ask yourself: Could this candidate change my opinion on a subject I value? If they told me something, would I believe it? If they sold me something, would I buy it? If they tried to cheer me out of a bad mood, would I shift gears? Imagine your candidate trying to motivate a group facing panic, confusion or discouragement. Do you think they would listen and follow them out of the woods? Can they lead the group without resorting to clichés or pretending to be someone they’re not?

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Keep these thoughts in mind as you interview applicants. For more information on finding superstar applicants, turn to the team at the ACCENT Hiring Group.


Dec 5, 2018

Chatbots: Why Do Candidates Want to Communicate with Them?

A surprising number of companies in 2018 are finding recruiting success with chatbots, the little AI-based answer-providers that pop up on the company’s website when curious job seekers pay a visit. The job seeker reviews the site, checks out the company business model, brand, and culture, and poses questions to the chatbot if they choose, questions like “Where are you located?” or “Are you looking for a senior account manager?”

Chatbots use sophisticated AI language features to seem friendly and informative, but job seekers generally know they aren’t communicating with a real person. The results appear to benefit both the company and the prospective applicant, and both parties typically leave the interaction with gains. Here are some of the reasons why.

Chatbots are only the beginning

Most users know that the chatbot can only handle the opening lines of a dialogue and that further questions will be directed toward humans who can provide more in-depth answers. But this initial conversation can clear some big obstacles out of the way and let the user know if a deeper investment is worth pursuing. Human interactions aren’t required for these opening salvos, and often they aren’t desired.

Chatbots require no social effort

There’s no need for special niceties when dealing with a chatbot, which can save time for users and help them reach their goals faster. If the company can’t offer what you need, you move on. No necessity for thanks or goodbyes. Just as important: no need to disentangle yourself from a hard sell. That’s a win for busy modern job seekers with no time or social bandwidth to spare on a machine.

Chatbots gather data

Chatbots can support company goals as well by efficiently gathering data on, for example: what questions users ask the most, where these users come from, how they go after the information they need, what they look for in a job, how they use technology, and what they care about. And that’s just scratching the surface. There are countless additional data points that an AI system can gather and a human can’t.

Chatbots don’t cost much

Human call centers and HR pros require far steeper financial investments than a simple chatbot that can answer FAQs. AI bots may not be able to handle complex tasks or conversations, but they’re on duty 24/7, they’re always pleasant and patient, and they don’t accidentally provide misinformation, and they don’t require paychecks. They can be deployed in nearly infinite numbers, and they don’t need performance reviews or coffee in the breakroom.

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Nov 28, 2018

Four Tactics to Improve the Quality of Employee Referrals

Referrals are strong medicine for your staffing program. Even if your company has a great workplace reputation and applicants line up for every open position, referrals can still take your staffing to the next level. There are plenty of reasons why this happens, but at the core, referrals simply mean that your talented, trained, seasoned employees are working to bring family members and trusted friends onto the team. When you receive and use referrals, you bring on employees who are already known and connected to your existing workforce. These newbies also come with the strongest form of recommendation available, and they enter the workplace with open eyes since they’ve typically been given a briefing by the person referring them.

But even if you receive plenty of referrals, there are a few moves you can use to raise the quality of hires who are already likely to become assets to the workplace. Take these steps and referral quality will increase.

Leverage social media

Not everyone on your team wants to use their social media pages to help your company hire candidates. But if you provide incentives — like a bonus for every hire or every post — your employees will be more likely to use their personal pages to urge their friends and family to apply. In the end, it’s a win for you and for them, but it might require some encouragement at the start. You can also post an open position on the company page and ask your employees to like or share it, so the viewing audience will widen.

Put money into a real employee referral program

If you passively ask your employees to say nice things about your company to friends and family, that’s great, and it’s a start. But a real employee referral program requires real money. Invest in your program by offering irresistible incentives to workers who bring in friend and family resumes. Offer a modest sum for each application, a larger amount for each new hire, and an additional bonus for each hire that stays for one calendar year.

Hire top talent and innovators by showing off your referral program

Even as you interview highly talented candidates, explain your referral program to them. Let them know that if they accept your offer and step onto the team, they’ll be able to make more money by bringing friends on board as well. This will encourage to accept the offer in the first place, and it will also help you tap into a great staffing resource. Talented people tend to mingle with other talented people.

Don’t rely on bought lists; Create your own list

Some companies buy lists of potential candidates or contacts, but you don’t need to do this. You already have access to these contacts — you just need to encourage your employees to provide them and leverage the names you already know.

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Nov 21, 2018

Candidate Referrals in a Tight Employment Market: Why Do They Improve?

Outside of your company, the generic numbers on unemployment appear to be positive. Job availability seems to be on the rise, and for candidates, the market appears to be improving. On the employer’s side, of course, this means tighter prospects and greater challenges when it comes to hiring and retaining talent. It’s an age-old reality; when the atmosphere favors candidates, the reverse happens for employers, and vice versa. So as your interviewees ask more questions and fewer candidates line up to grab a seat with your company, why do candidate referrals seem to spike upward? In quality, if not quantity, referrals receive a boost when the candidate market narrows. Take advantage of this tendency and keep a few thoughts in mind.

Where do disappearing referrals go?

Fewer people launch the search for a new job during positive markets, which means fewer people ask others to refer them. Referrals slow to a trickle when more workers are content with their personal status quo. But as a manager, referrals are your friend. They help you gain an important set of data points on candidates who otherwise approach the company as complete unknowns—face-down cards that could offer almost anything in terms of personality and work ethic. Referrals take much of the mystery and much of the risk out of the selection process.

More referrals mean lower reliance on cold applications.

Without referrals, recruiters can simply post jobs and hope for the best. They can cross their fingers and hope that qualified applicants decide to take action and submit resumes. Referrals provide a back-up – and often high-quality – source of potential employees. If you aren’t receiving them, consider asking for them. Encourage and incentivize employees to get their friends and family members to apply.

Frame referrals as a win for everyone.

Most people, when they take the time to think about it, WANT to provide referrals. They want open seats on their teams to be filled as quickly as possible. And they also want to work side by side with people they already know and like.

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Nov 14, 2018

Are Candidates Ghosting You? Here’s How to Keep Them Involved

In 2018, a few interesting trends are leaving their mark on the job market. For example, unemployment numbers are low, and managers appear to be hiring. But at the same time, many of the “jobs” on offer are not full-time jobs that pay a competitive market wage. These roles are often part-time or contingency positions, which is great news for candidates and employers who seek flexible, easy-come-easy-go relationships. But it’s not so great for managers who need reliable, dedicated candidates who show up on time…or at all.

“Ghosting”, the act of simply exiting the relationship with no warning and no notice, appears to be on the rise. Candidates in 2018 are more likely to walk out of interviews, not show up, or accept job offers and then fail to appear on the scheduled start date. To managers, this behavior can seem rude and odd. But to candidates, it may simply be a natural side-effect of weakening commitments between employee and employer. Regardless of the reasons, the trend is on the rise. Here’s how to keep it from happening to you.

Keep candidates close.

If you review resume and decide to schedule an interview, do it quickly. If you like the interview, let the candidate know. If you need two weeks to make a decision, keep the candidate informed. If two weeks become three, send the candidate a message. Keep them in the loop, and if you experience a delay, explain and provide updates.

Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

Don’t want to be ghosted? Don’t ghost your candidates. Respond to all resume submissions with a form letter at a minimum. Thank every candidate who attends an interview. And always provide closure and a yes-or-no answer after you make your decision. Don’t just disappear. Your reputation on this point will precede you.

Respect the position.

If you want your candidates to take the position and the offer seriously, demonstrate the same attitude.  If you don’t seem to care about this job and you plan to offer a low salary, no benefits, and very little in return for this person’s labor, don’t expect reverence on the candidate’s part. If they feel like showing up, they will. If not, who cares? Respect yourself, your company, your time, and the candidates who respect you enough to apply.

Don’t drop the façade once the papers are signed.

Too often, hiring managers radiate warmth and smiles until the offer is accepted. Then they treat their new employees like cattle. Don’t do this. Under at-will agreements, employees aren’t obligated to stay on board a single minute longer than they choose. If your relationship sours after one week, expect the candidate to be gone by week two. Again: In order to get respect, give respect first.

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Nov 7, 2018

Arizona’s Economy is Growing: How Big Is the Growth Since 2007?

While Arizona’s economy lags behind the rest of the nation in some respects, including a higher unemployment rate, and wage growth still stagnates at about $48,621 statewide per year, many economic indicators suggest that Arizona lies in a very healthy position for future growth.

According to Arizona’s Joint Legislative Budget Committee, government revenue reached 10.1 billion this year, just over the prior record of 9.6 billion in 2007, immediately before the recession. This indicates that over the past 11 years, Arizona has officially climbed back from the global economic downturn.

So, what does this mean for job opportunities in the state? Plenty! Hiring is on the rise across the state in both the public and private sectors, and signs indicate that healthy wage growth may soon follow. Hiring managers are taking on new staff in almost all industry sectors, from agriculture to infrastructure development, and job opportunities are available and growing.

Are you looking for work or expecting to hire during the coming year? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Contingency staffing is a winning bet for both parties.

Staffing on a part-time or temporary basis can help employers grow their businesses while keeping costs low. And flexible schedules allow employees to stay in control of their time as they search for full-time work and lifestyles that protect work-life balance. Do you need employees to handle short-term projects or one-time rollouts? Consider taking on staff members who can be reassigned once your project comes to an end. If you’re an employee looking for new opportunities, contact a staffing agency that can keep you connected and busy.

Staffing agencies manage talented, skilled employees in every field.

Are you looking for web developers, coders, cybersecurity pros, trained instructors, marketing managers, leaders, engineers or creative experts? If you’re having trouble finding the skills you need, a professional staffing team can help. Our talented pros can handle skilled tasks at every level of training and experience. In an earlier era, contingency staffing suggested low to middle-skill talent only, but that’s no longer the case.

We have a wide reach and a strong network.

Are you looking for a full-time, part-time, or flexible job in a field that supports your career goals? Talk to our team! You can always sift through job posts on your own, but when you add the power of a staffing agency, you travel farther and reach your goals faster. We can connect you with the employers you’re looking for.

We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Are you ready to find the right talent to help take advantage of the Arizona economic growth? Contact the ACCENT Hiring Group and we can help you find and maintain the talented employees you need.


Oct 31, 2018

Elevating Digital Capabilities Can Improve Company Retention

Here’s a study we found interesting, but not at all surprising: https://www.randstadusa.com/about/news/a-companys-reputation-as-a-digital-leader-greatly-impacts-their-ability-to-attract-and-retain-talent-randstad-us-study-finds/. According to the results of this Workplace 2025 survey conducted by Randstad, only 10 percent of enterprises are considered “digitally superior” by employees, potential employees, and C-suite executives. This means that only one company in 10 can truly impress these study subjects with fully implemented modern technological platforms, including appropriate forms of automation, AI, and workplace collaboration tools. This 10 percent figure also includes companies that invest in strategies that train workers to be digitally savvy.

Why does this matter? Because the companies in this narrow category reap significant benefits in terms of reputation, and employees feel greater confidence in their present and future success. Survey respondents perceived these companies as far more likely to achieve business goals, build revenue, save cost and see returns on their investments.

And if current workers and future applicants express confidence in a company’s digital infrastructure, they’re more likely to respond with the following behaviors:

They compete for jobs with the company.

If your company falls into this exclusive ten percent, candidates will want to choose you simply because…you’re you. Just having the name of your company on a resume will feel like an accomplishment, and most candidates will expect their tenure with you to be a positive experience. This means you’ll attract more candidates and sift through more and better resumes for each open position. It also means candidates will see your name as an employment perk, which can provide leverage during salary negotiations.

When they come on board, they stay.

Digital frustrations often push employees toward the door. Especially when these frustrations prevent them from being able to achieve success with their tasks and may potentially stall the growth of their careers. Good carpenters don’t blame their tools, but if their tools are truly faulty and limiting, good carpenters leave the company in search of work elsewhere. Give your teams the platforms they need to excel at their work.

They engage more fluidly with each other.

Excellent digital platforms ease and enhance communication, which in turn can ease and enhance teamwork and relationships. Employees work harder and stay longer if their teams and coworkers feel like family, and technology helps to make this happen.

They can focus more on innovation and less on day-to-day survival.

When the company provides weak scheduling technology, employees spend too much time troubleshooting the system and finding workarounds as they struggle to plan meetings. With seamless, effortless scheduling technology, they can focus on the content of those meetings. Upgrade your systems before they desperately need it, and your teams won’t waste a moment of mental energy on the wrong kinds of problems.

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Oct 24, 2018

Automated Interview Scheduling: Why it Saves Time and Helps You Hire Faster

Imagine yourself in the position of a job-seeking candidate. You’ve been submitting resumes and cover letters for days or weeks, scouring the landscape for job posts, and looking for ways to impress employers and align your skills with their needs. When a prospective employer calls to offer you an interview, regardless of how you feel about the job, how will you answer?

Chances are, you’ll accept the interview. And the odds are high that you won’t excessively about the time and date; you’d like to move forward, you’re already in flexible, job search mode, and when it comes to small details like this, you’re happy to be accommodating. Your answer will probably be, “Just choose a time; I’ll work around you.”

So as an employer, anticipating this response can save time, hassle, and extended communication for both of you. Automate your scheduling software and you’ll be doing yourself— and the candidate—a favor. Here’s how:

Automatic calendar review

Your scheduling software can scan your calendar and choose a time when you’re available. And as it sends an invite to the candidate, her own calendar can scan and let her know if she has a conflict in place. If she’s okay with the day, she can send a response that will automatically insert into your own schedule and close out that appointment time.

Automatic adjustments

If something more important comes up—for you or for the candidate—your automated calendar can make the adjustment easily. Simply resend her a new invitation and move quickly through the process again. The old appointment will automatically disappear from your calendar and hers.

Seamless integration

Your automated calendar feature can integrate smoothly with your candidate database or applicant tracking system. This means that your notes and the content you draw from the interview session can be connected to the date and time of the meeting. You’ll never have to scramble through your notes and resumes and piece together who you met with on which day. And your team members can share all the information you collected about—and during—your appointment.

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