Scottsdale AZ Job Market

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Aug 9, 2017

Best City for a Job in 2017: Scottsdale

If you’ve been thinking about launching a job search or making the leap to a new industry altogether, now may be a perfect time to put the wheels in motion and make your move. Hiring trends are up, and a long, steady recovery has been well underway for the last eight years since the job market took a slide in 2009. The best news for both job seekers and recruiters: the unemployment rate, dropping steadily due to stimulus efforts and strengthened protections for the workforce, has now reached a near record low of about 4.6 percent.

Jobs are available, and the labor market is heating up. On the employer’s side of the table, hiring managers who could once sit back and watch excellent resumes roll in are now aggressively competing for talent. And skilled workers now face a host of opportunities for growth, change, and career advancement.

In almost every geographic region of the country, years of labor investments have paid off and hiring rates are on the rise. And according to a new analysis released by WalletHub, Scottsdale Arizona tops the list.

Why are talented employees and job seekers thriving in Scottsdale? The reasons are complex and several factors contribute to this equation, but as Scottsdale climbs the charts in terms of opportunity and quality of life, wise recruiters are acting quickly to leverage this trend. If you’re searching for top talent, here are few considerations to keep in mind.

Go where the candidates are.

Don’t wait for great talent to come to you. Extend your search to cover the Scottsdale area, or even better, create opportunities in this region. Offer remote positions that can be accepted by Scottsdale job seekers or add this area to your list of destinations when you’re ready for a geographic expansion.

If you’re an AZ recruiter, recognize your advantages.

Don’t just pitch the benefits of your open position; pitch the benefits of every aspect of the Arizona lifestyle. It isn’t just about the climate anymore (though our Arizona sun and rugged landscapes are hard to beat). It’s also about the booming economy, the excellent school system, and the thriving housing market.

Make connections and maintain them.

If you aren’t already connected with industry players and Arizona job market experts, now may be the time to pick up the phone and elevate your networking efforts. Great candidates are on their way to Scottsdale and businesses are putting down roots here. So get in on the ground floor! Explore the area to find out what — and who — our growing city has to offer. Start by turning to the ACCENT Hiring Group and work with a leading staffing agency in Scottsdale!